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iPuka Sanctuary, Park and Natural Burial Ground

"My husband, Mark Sheehan, recently died and Bodhi Be took care of burying him.

Mark’s choice of burial was the ocean. It is the least impactful way on nature to dispose of a body. If, however, we had a burial ground on Maui, where one could be buried in the soil and a tree planted on top, that, I know, would have been Mark’s choice. The gesture would have added a tree to nature, the tree would be fertilized and would have been a place where friends and family could go and remember the loved one. One day we would have a Forest of Living Memory to go to and feel the love.

I invite you to donate to ‘IPUKA’, to acquire land with a forest of meaningful memory and environmental responsibility in mind."

-Sonja Aclon, September 2022

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October 12, 2022
Ways to Support
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