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Doorway Into Light
is Hawaii's only nonprofit & certified green Funeral Home, serving the island of maui since 2012

We provide counseling, family support, pre-planning services and local & global programs and trainings.

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Aloha friends and supporters of Doorway Into Light!

Doorway Into Light, Hawaii’s nonprofit, certified green funeral home has been serving families in Hawai’i since 2012.

We treat our work as a sacred mission, bringing forth love and care for the ‘whole being’, to the dying and their families. Our compassionate care is heart driven and family centered. Many of our services are provided at low or no cost. Our Annual Fund is part of our financial stability and sustains our work throughout the year and I ask for your help. Please join our staff, Board of Directors, and community members in making a tax-deductible donation.

Mahalo for making a difference!

We are so very grateful for your financial contributions and your support through your prayers and well-wishes. Any and all gifts are greatly appreciated and are tax-deductible!

In gratitude,

Reverend Bodhi Be

Co-Founder and Executive Director of Doorway Into Light

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"My husband, Mark Sheehan, recently died and Reverend Bodhi Be took care of burying him. Bodhi’s warmth and wisdom was so very comforting. He is the best listener and gave me space to vent and share when I needed it.
- Sonja Aclon, September 2022

We will die and we don't know when.
Everyone we love and care about will die and we don’t know when.
How and whether we use this information will shape the course of our lives, our relationships, and our attunement to the sacred.
It will shape who we are as a community and how we care for each other now and when we are dying.
Reverend Bodhi Be, Doorway Into Light Founder & Executive Director

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Maui's Only
Green Funeral Home

Since 2012 Doorway Into Light has operated Hawaii's only non-profit and certified green funeral home. We offer options for end-of-life care care that are holistic, sustainable, community and family based and spiritually inclusive.